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Inflatable Sofa

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1. Sofa inflatable models summer will be hot ah?
This is not the summer when you can sit comfortably cool, relying, lying, night sleep would feel particularly comfortable.
2. Sofa will not leak?
Observing sofa is sold in more than 80 countries around the world, each bed in the factory have been a number of very strict QC bearer, tensile, impact, so you can be assured that it will not leak. (If you purchased a sofa bed there is the problem of the quality of the product itself, from the date of purchase to us within 15 days from the proposed replacement, but this case is almost not appear)

If you accidentally punctured how to do?
Generally not easy to be punctured, its material is abrasion resistant. Million accidentally punctured a small repair kit can be presented with the sofa (patching material and a special glue) to repair, in a matter of minutes can repair itself, with the product manual can teach you to patch particularly convenient.

4. Sofa cleaning it?
Observing sofa bed cleaning is very easy, just use a cloth moistened with soapy water can be easily wiped clean. Can not use a washing machine.

Inflated to what extent is the most appropriate?
① inflatable suitability can rely on feel. First inflated (or, in the hot summer inflatable) you only need to be basic sofas surface pattern disappear; generally feels a bit soft hand feels, but to sit or lay up toward the middle will not trap a. If that were not enough slightly to make up a little gas.
② you can listen to the sound of the electric pump, the general gas filled, the pump will automatically issue a sharp sound. This time that has been recharged inside. You can turn off the power switch. ③ time, each inflated simply about a minute of time to

Observing sofa for a long time, will not be deformed?
The material will not be deformed, inflatable PVC new polymer material, the use of ultrasonic seamless bonding technology, able to withstand gravity uploaded pressure, while more than 70 independent gas chamber holding weightless load decomposition The system will never deformation.

7. Deflation will trouble?
Very simple, you just plug in the power, one minute using the worm wheel electric pump gas emissions clean. Can also directly open the valve, which has a red film, as long as your hand a little push, the gas can be natural discharge.

8. Sofa can be maintained in the case of normal use airtight how many days?

Sofa particularly good quality, will not leak under normal use. (If you think that the gas shortage PVC has a certain degree of flexibility, to use after a few days there will be some stretching. Slightly recharge point on it.)

9. Sofa in the outskirts of how to use?
Sofa you can also configure the battery inflatable pump at home, you can charge ahead into the wild, in the case of no external power supply can be directly inflated or deflated. You in bed around do not pay attention when using sharp objects, to avoid punctured sofa bed. (Battery Air Pump 100 yuan / month)

10 sofa electric pump noise will not be great?
The sofa pump tested noise below 85 decibels, you can rest assured that the use will not impact on the human body.



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