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Inflatable Business

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Inflatable toys, many children are like toys, but do not trust a lot of children's parents to let children play. Our inflatable toys are done in accordance with the national health and safety standards, please rest assured that a child's parents and children to play.

Inflatable toys tensile force using thin-film material and film inside and outside air pressure difference in the shape of toys.

Points from materials PE film inflatable toys, PVC film, inflatable toys, TPU, EVA environmental material inflatable products, tarpaulin and oxford cloth inflatable toys, the rubber glued inflatable products, Vinyl inflatable animals, and silicone injection molding Adult inflatable doll.

Large advertising model, large inflatable toys, leisure furniture, small cartoon children's toys, promotional inflatable gifts, the small advertisements simulation Inflatable life-saving appliances, water recreation toys, inflatable pools, swimming pools, water transparent drum, adult toys from the function .

Deflated after the volume is small, easy to carry Favorites



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